1. escU Required Training


-Bloodborne Pathogens: Awareness and Prevention
-Sexual Harassment: Awareness and Prevention
-Reporting Child Abuse

escU Training Link: http://myescu.net/

Enrollment Instructions:

If you have taken any course s at myescu.net, you already have an escU account.

If you do not have an escU account:

Create an escU account

If you have an escU account and have:

Forgotten your password (Click ‘Forgot Password’)

-Changed districts/campuses or have a new district email address, you need to login to your myescu.net account, click on ‘My Profile’ and update your profile to have correct access to the training

Once you’re logged in to escU:

1. Click on Catalog and Certificates on the left side of the page.
2. Click on Catalog.
3. Search for “Required Training 2017-2018”.
4. Click on Required Training 2017-2018 and add it to the cart.
5. Open up your cart and click “Complete Transaction” and then click Continue to checkout.
6. Click on “Claim Enrollment” and then click on “Confirm Enrollment”.
7. Click on “Go to Session” to begin the training.

2. Civil Rights Training – USDA Nutrition Program


Print the email of the Training Confirmation and turn it in to the office.