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School Health Advisory Council

The CCAISD SHAC (School Health Advisory Council) is established to assist Culberson County-Allamoore ISD in ensuring that the local community values are reflected in the district’s wellness education instruction, policy, and plan.
The CCAISD SHAC shall have the following responsibilities:
  1. To provide recommendations to the Board of Trustees regarding health education curriculum and a coordinated school health program through coordination of wellness education; physical education and physical activity; nutritional services; parental involvement; and instruction to prevent the use of tobacco.
  2. To provide recommendations to the Board of Trustees on appropriate grade levels and methods of instruction for human sexuality instruction.
  3. To provide recommendations to the Board of Trustees on the number of hours of instruction to be provided in health education.
  4. To recommend strategies for integrating the curriculum components with the following elements in a coordinated school wellness program for the district school health services, counseling and guidance services, a safe and healthy school environment, and school employee wellness.
  5. To assist the school district in any other capacity that falls within the guidelines of health, wellness or physical activity of our students.
CCAISD SHAC Vision Statement:
All Culberson County-Allamoore ISD students and staff will accomplish and fulfill their full personal, wellness, and academic potential.
CCAISD SHAC Mission Statement:
The mission of the Culberson County-Allamoore ISD SHAC is to ensure that all children and staff at the CCAISD will have healthy bodies and minds through sequential wellness education, practices, and modeling of good health behaviors.
The goal of the Culberson County-Allamoore ISD SHAC is to advise CCAISD decision-makers regarding students’ and staff needs and assets related to wellness knowledge and skills, regarding policies and procedures that impact student and staff wellness and the health of the school environment. See Texas Education Code 28.004 for specific objectives and duties assigned.
The CCAISD SHAC members invite all school and community members to attend the SHAC meetings held quarterly at the CCAISD Cafeteria. Dates and times of meetings will be posted on the CCAISD Facebook, Twitter, and App.
CCAISD SHAC Invitation
If you would like to participate in the development, review, update, and implementation of the Local School Wellness Policy, please contact Sondra McCoy at 432-283-2245.